Thursday, May 4, 2017

Update and New 100% Match for Donations to May 18th

The St. Anthony Falls Commercial Club building which later became the
Washburn McReavy Funeral Chapel.

Our legal team has successfully argued a stay on all matters and for a hearing, scheduled May 18th, at which time Judge Moreno will hear arguments regarding a Stay pending appeal and Bond issue related to our MERA claim. We have not yet received a final judgment on the MERA claim, and we retain the right to appeal. Judge Moreno has also not ruled on our claim that the city acted Arbitrarily and Capriciously in granting the CUP and Variance. We remain confident in these claims. He may issue a ruling on both claims based on arguments heard May 18th

This work has taken many hours for our legal team. Your support is much needed and greatly appreciated.

All donations between now and May 18th will be matched, 100%, dollar for dollar!

You may have noticed the chain link fencing around the St Anthony Commercial Club site. This may be a publicity stunt, a message to Alatus’ supporters; or it may be simply to prevent vandalism. So long as legal matters are pending, all parties have agreed that there will be no work on the site. And again, we retain the right to appeal the MERA judgment.

We’re also following closely the recent sale of the General Mills site to Doran and CSM. Doran says they’ll propose a 20-story apartment building on this site in the St Anthony Falls Historic District. Both the Marcy Holmes Neighborhood small area plan and the Historic District Guidelines offer guidance that would prohibit this type of development.